Archive Nominations + Submissions (Faculty and Staff only)

Nomination Instructions:

  • Select 4 students’ projects OR 4 group projects OR 4 students’ work from the entire semester
  • Complete the following form in its entirety
  • Upload a PDF of the course syllabus
  • Select graduate or undergraduate for advanced studio courses
  • Include the specific project(s) in “works to be archived”
  • Add the Dropbox or Google Drive link to the digital files of the individual student or group (see details below in digital submission instructions)
  • Select the “model to be documented” button if the project(s) includes a physical model(s)
  • If the entire class worked on a single project contact the archive at

Digital Submission Instructions:

  • Create Dropbox or Google Drive folders for your students to upload their digital files at the beginning of each semester
  • The files must be 300 DPI (minimum) PDF or TIFF only
  • The file names must include the faculty or staff member’s first and last names, the student’s first and last names, the semester and year, and the project number
  • Set a deadline before the semester is over for your students to upload their digital files to their designated folders + share links to the folders in your nomination form

Physical Model Submission Instructions:

  • Your nominated students will be contacted directly by the Archive staff to drop off their physical models for documentation
  • The collected models will be redistributed at the beginning of the following semester

After you hit SUBMIT, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to be sure the form was submitted successfully.