Aiyah Mousa

Aiyah Mousa (class of 2018) is a student in the B Arch Program.

Why did you choose SSA?

I believe that architecture, as it remains a physical expression of culture, helps shape our future. SSA offered the best program that would help push my creativity to its limits.

Where are you from?

I am of Egyptian heritage and I was raised in Kuwait before coming to New York City in 2010. Having these different backgrounds and living in different countries has helped me realize that architecture remains our common language in a world where so many different languages are spoken.

What were you doing before you began your studies at SSA?

Before coming to SSA, I studied computer science and chemical engineering. Ultimately, neither of these fields interested me as much as architecture.

What’s the favorite project you’ve worked on at SSA?

My favorite studio project is the one I am currently working on in Fall 2016 with Professor Nandini Bagchee. We are designing a community center in the South Bronx. The project is different and interesting because it’s rooted in a community. We visit and talk to the people who live in the community and their ideas and voices become part of the way we conceive of architecture.

What other activities are you involved in?

I visited Kuwait last year and I had an internship in an architecture firm. It was very interesting to see how the architecture profession is different from the one in New York.

What is something unexpected that you have learned at SSA?

At SSA I have learned that architecture is a big commitment and you really need to love it to do it.