Spitzer MLA Student Published in The Journal of Peasant Studies

Congratulations to first-year Master of Landscape Architecture student, William Thomson, for publishing a peer-reviewed article.

You can read “From Silk to Concrete: Exploring the Socio-spatial Aspects of the Agrarian Question(s) in Mount Lebanon”, in The Journal of Peasant Studies, a leading journal in the field of rural politics and development.

Abstract from the journal:

Research on the Southwest Asia North Africa region often focuses on turbulent upheaval and landscape change in urban areas, and less on the rural and agrarian spaces left behind. In this paper, we look at the varying trajectory of landscape change in two neighboring villages in Mount Lebanon with similar geophysical characteristics but very different ecology and economies. We show how these paths were mediated by capital flows and the changing modes of production and livelihoods. Looking through the lens of the Agrarian Question, we argue for its continued importance in understanding rural landscapes and their place in capitalist development.


The Journal of Peasant Studies provokes and promotes critical thinking about social structures, institutions, actors and processes of change in and in relation to the rural world.

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