Welcome to the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of New York!

True to the unique spirit of New York City, our studio network offers dynamic core training in specific programs with many opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and partnership. We offer:

Professional Degrees

Post-professional Degrees

Non-professional Degrees

Our Master of Science in Urban Sustainability and J. Max Bond Center for Urban Futures affiliated programs lend expertise and focus across the curriculum.

Much as our disciplines have been designed to increasingly interconnect, enriching natural synergies between focus of study, our community celebrates the unique experience and identity of each student.

Our faculty and staff are committed to continually evolve our teaching practice to include more of the cultures and history of our student body; this diversity shapes, refocuses, and tests tradition, emboldening new direction and purpose in our field.

We favor dialogue, discussion, and conversation over top-down teaching where you’re told what to learn and do; communication is the foundation of effective and responsible creation. We emphasize the skills required to collaborate under fluid and challenging conditions to underline their absolute value in today’s job market.

The Spitzer School cultivates thought-leaders as well as practitioners, practical and empathetic professionals for whom the common, public good lies at the heart of their profession.

We shape the students of the future. In turn, they shape the future.


Two students seated on a bench in front of a Spitzer School logo sign in the lobby of the Spitzer School of Architecture, the public flagship school of architecture in New York City.

Photo by Sirin Samman.