Joint Programs

“5+1” B Arch – MUP Urban Design Accelerated Master’s Degree

The Spitzer School of Architecture offers a 5+1 Accelerated Master’s Degree that results in conferral of the Bachelor of Architecture degree (B Arch) after five years followed by the awarding of the Master of Urban Planning in Urban Design degree (MUPUD) after two more semesters comprising the sixth year. Undergraduate students accepted to the B Arch – MUPUD Accelerated Degree Program will enroll in 18 credits of MUPUD graduate courses in their final year of the B Arch program. Without this accelerated option, the MUPUD program would take three semesters (50 percent longer).

B Arch students demonstrate special potential to contribute to Urban Design, as the B Arch program strongly emphasizes the study and analysis of cities in its history, theory, and design courses. The MUPUD program — centered on the premise that a combination of leadership, technical, and design skills will lead to meaningful change in the way we think, plan, and construct our built environments — is a natural extension of the B Arch program’s focus on urban design.

Declared B Arch majors who are in their fourth year of design studio are eligible to apply to this program. Interested students should discuss with their academic advisor.



Eligibility and Application Requirements

  • Declared B Arch major with at least six semesters completed and one academic year remaining
  • Personal statement of intent
  • Letter of recommendation from B Arch faculty member
  • Transcripts from all undergraduate studies
  • 3.0 minimum GPA in B Arch courses
  • B Arch coursework broadly related to Urban Studies
  • Portfolio showcasing academic work within the B Arch program
  • Consultation with both undergraduate and graduate advisors


Program Schedule and Curriculum:

B Arch 4th Year

  • Students apply for B Arch – MUPUD Accelerated Degree Program
  • Admission notifications provided in spring

B Arch 5th Year

Fall Term

Other undergraduate coursework as required for B Arch completion


Spring Term

Other undergraduate coursework as required for B Arch completion

B Arch degree conferral
Total number of combined/shared credits = 18 credits

Note: Students must get a grade of B or better in the graduate courses in order to transfer those credits to the master’s program.


+1 Year

Fall Term 1


Spring Term 2

Note: Spring and fall coursework could be swapped to distribute studio and capstone projects evenly if necessary.