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Master of Architecture I

At flagship public school of architecture in New York City, we focus on design for the betterment of our shared global community. Programs are shaped by the diversity of our students, the inventive research of our faculty, and by multidisciplinary collaborations. We prepare students to become engaged designers and to apply an expansive set of skills to address pressing social, cultural, environmental, and professional challenges. With a rigorous foundation in the core competencies of building design, history, critical thinking, material assembly, structures, and urban analysis, and with an emphasis on agile thinking, our Master of Architecture program aims to educate the next generation of innovators.

Our graduates are largely employed in professional architecture roles, mostly in the New York City region, with opportunities are vast. They work in all types of firms and agencies: public and private sector; from small “boutique” firms to some of the largest firms in the world.

Students from all undergraduate backgrounds are welcome in the M Arch I program. The only prerequisites are one semester of both college-level precalculus and physics.



Naab Accreditation Badge 2022 M.arch.


The Master of Architecture I program is accredited. See the NAAB section of this site for more information and links regarding accreditation.


STEM Designation

Both the M Arch I and MS Arch programs are listed within the U.S. government’s official STEM fields list, meaning graduates with F-1 visas may be eligible for U.S. work authorization for up to three years. See the STEM OPT Hub for more information.


Total Program Credits: 108

Per-semester course load: 18 credits
(Change to 90 credits overall/15 credits per semester effective Fall 2024 is pending.)

First Year

Fall Term 1

Spring Term 2

Second Year

Fall Term 3

Spring Term 4

Third Year

Fall Term 5

Spring Term 6