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Master of Architecture I

We explore architecture as a field of open experimentation while remaining grounded in a shared commitment to the social good. The Master of Architecture I professional degree program embraces the role of the architect in contemporary society as a politically engaged, positive agent of change. Using New York City as a laboratory, our curriculum propels students into the urban landscape to connect with stakeholders and to draw inspiration from the city’s teeming diversity. With rigorous education in handcraft, digital fabrication, history, contemporary architectural theory, technology, and sustainable building practices, students graduate as multivalent and agile thinkers, ready to confront difficult and unpredictable design challenges with innovative ideas. Come join us if you want to use design to make the world a better place.


The M Arch I program is an intensive three-year course of study progressing from fundamental to advanced education in architectural theory and practice.  The curricular sequence is composed of a one-year foundation followed by two years of advanced studies.  Required core courses provide a rigorous foundation in design, digital representation, building technology and architectural history and theory, while our upper-level design units challenge students to integrate this knowledge through research and speculation. Throughout the program students are trained to synthesize the theoretical underpinnings of architecture with the practical skills necessary to competently and responsibly construct buildings.


Spitzer School grad programs share a teaching, research, and design environment known as the unit system. Within year-long, team-taught, vertically integrated design units, students and professors work together to define questions and propose design solutions. Just like in the professions, students synthesize diverse skills and subject areas into their projects. Check out this year’s units.


All undergraduate backgrounds welcome in the M Arch I program; its prerequisites are one semester of both college-level precalculus and physics. Application Instructions >>


Total Program Credits: 108

Per-semester courseload: 18 credits



The Master of Architecture I program is accredited. See the NAAB section of this site for more information and links regarding accreditation.


STEM Designation

Both the M Arch I and M Arch II programs are listed within the U.S. government’s official STEM fields list and are therefore eligible for the STEM OPT extension for F-1 students.  See the STEM OPT Hub for more information.


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