Graduate Programs

Master of Landscape Architecture I

Designing The Urban Ecological Future

CCNY Master of Landscape Architecture students explore design, planning and policy-making to promote civic engagement in complex urban landscape systems, and to advocate for social and environmental equity in response to globalizing economic forces and diminishing natural resources.

The Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture in the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture of the City College of New York prepares students to meet the challenges of future city design within the dynamic environmental scenario of climate change and the exploding growth of metropolitan areas around the nation and the globe.

The program’s position within New York City’s flourishing design community offers students a unique vantage point to participate in socio-environmental design discourse. Our students and faculty are breaking new ground and winning awards.


Per-semester courseload: 15 credits


The Master of Landscape Architecture I program is accredited. See Landscape Architecture Program Accreditation Information for full details.

First Year

Fall Term 1

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Second Year

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Third Year

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