Plot issue Magic Cover

PLOT Volume 7: Magic

Student Editors from the MLA Class of 2019: Nusrat Alam, Hana Georg, Alyssa Martori, Suko Presseau, Garrett Ray, Justin Robertson, and Anna Speidel

Featuring curated submissions by students, faculty, artists, and practitioners, PLOT Volume 7 explores the theme of MAGIC. The issue’s content is developed by the second-year MLA student editorial board in collaboration with faculty advisor Catherine Seavitt Nordenson and designer Isaac Gertman. Contributions to this issue reveal many rich interpretations of MAGIC, appearing along a non-binary trajectory from the supernatural to the scientific.

Cover: Marching On!, 2017-2018. Bryony Roberts, Mabel O. Wilson, and the Marching Cobras of New York, commissioned by Storefront for Art and Architecture. Digital collage by Bryony Roberts.