Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Architecture

The Spitzer School’s Master of Science in Architecture program is directed at students who already hold a professional degree in architecture and who wish to deepen their design abilities and expand their knowledge of contemporary theory, social practice, technology, and environmental systems. The year-long integrated research culminating in a design realization can be completed in two semesters (fall and spring). The remaining six-credit studio provides an opportunity for self-directed research with a faculty member. This program, designed for advanced students from different parts of the world, also affords a supportive faculty and advisory staff that connects students to resources within New York City and beyond.


Within this flexible curricular framework, students can choose from a number of elective courses and pursue independent coursework. Open-ended and flexible in many respects, the program does have certain priorities: interdisciplinarity, the city as a learning lab, experimental learning, and social engagement.

Spitzer School grad programs share a teaching, research, and design environment known as the unit system. Within year-long, team-taught, vertically integrated design units, students and professors work together to define questions and propose design solutions. Just like in the professions, students synthesize diverse skills and subject areas into their projects. Check out this year’s units.




Total Program Credits: 48

Term 1: 18 credits
Term 2: 18 credits
Term 3: 12 credits
Note: For students who desire a longer course of study, it is possible to distribute the credits over up to two academic years/four semesters.


STEM Designation

Both the M Arch I and MS Arch programs are listed within the U.S. government’s official STEM fields list and are therefore eligible for the STEM OPT extension for F-1 students.  See the STEM OPT Hub for more information.


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3