Advanced Studio Visits Glass Fabricator

Students in Professor Christian Volkmann’s Advanced Studio, “Urban Glass House,” toured the 120,000-square foot production facility and got a company overview at GGI headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey. Their studio focus is to develop glass pavilions, annexes, or other elements for pocket spaces in New York, focusing on research and technical documentation of architectural and spatial effects.

At the company visit, which was arranged by General Manager of Arnold Glass North America Stefan Göbel, students learned about achieving realistic materialization strategies.

“Complex fabrication and make-ups are not always so obvious when looking at a finished building,” said Director of Architectural Sales Stephen Balik, “and we thought the students would benefit greatly from seeing all the machinery it takes to make a top-quality product.”

Christian Volkmann acknowledged, “These partnerships are crucial to get students out of cookie-cutter-thinking and to develop substantial know-how allowing development of extraordinary solutions. Students are often predominantly focusing on graphic expression while construction industries are at times bound in a pragmatic approach to handle requests.”