Habana Harbor Cover

Habana Harbor

Multiple Futures

Eds. Claire Weisz, Graci Mills, Yeju Choi, and Albert Vecerka

This book gathers the experiences from CCNY’s Spring 2019 Urban Design travel studio, which worked in collaboration with CUJAE University of Habana. It includes a trip diary with the impressions and stories of the city, a photo journal, and the projects of both CCNY and CUJAE students, focusing on Habana Harbor future scenarios.

City College’s studio was based around the ongoing academic and planning work by Plan Maestro (Habana’s Historic Center Planning Office) and the School of Architecture of CUJAE University of Habana. Drawing from on-site research and building on the graduating students’ thesis work at CUJAE, the dialogue and proposals produced during the semester imagine new, forward-looking ideas relating to the city’s environmental resilience, economic prosperity, and social infrastructure. Documented in this publication, the work and thinking of both City College’s Urban Design Program and the collaborating CUJAE Architecture thesis work contributes to a larger collective conversation about Cuban urbanism today and in the future.


CCNY Faculty 
Claire Weisz
Michael Sorkin
Graci Mills
Yeju Choi
Alberto Foyo
Albert Vecerka


CUJAE University of Habana Faculty 
Jorge Peña
Joicelen Casanave
Kiovet Sánchez
Nguyen Rodriguez Barrera


CCNY Students 
Abdelrahman Garib
Filippa Dahlin
Hui Liang
Igor Bernardes Almeida
Keaton Reinhart
Marianne Russo
Pooja Kadhiwala
Roma Muktar
Samira Marzia
Sara Hamzeh
Sebin Sebastian
Shahriar Ahmadpour


CUJAE University of Habana Students
Angelo Castillo
Daniela Friedman
Gabriela Lage
Frank Romero
Le My Quoc
Patricia Pulido