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Future Architects of the Middle East (F.A.M.E) is excited to annouce the release of their publication, Mashrabiya 01 Icon

In architecture, the word “icon” is synonymous with monumental buildings as tangible representations of a time, a feeling, a nation, and a people. And yet, to speak of iconic architecture in the Middle East creates particular challenges. For the word’s etymology, derived from the Greek eikon meaning “likeness, image, portrait; image in a mirror; a semblance, phantom image,” has had a fraught historical reception, especially among the region’s Jews and Muslims.

Mashrabiya is a periodical produced annually by Future Architects of the Middle East, an undergraduate student organization in the City College of New York’s Spitzer School of Architecture. The publication focuses on Middle Eastern architecture, with the goal of shining light on a vibrant, diverse community that is often exoticized, villainized, underrepresented and misunderstood. Through this journal, we seek to facilitate an ongoing dialogue about architecture and identity.

Read it online here. For more information, please contact