Spitzer Donates to Another Worthy Cause

Marta Gutman, on behalf Spitzer, recently initiated a generous donation to the Harlem non-profit organization While We Are Still Here (WWSH). “It’s so important to support the on-the-ground endeavors of groups like WWSH. They are taking the lead, and we need to do all that we can to facilitate their work,” says Dean Gutman.

The organization consists of a community of long-term residents of 409 and 555 Edgecombe Avenue in Harlem, who formed WWSH as a response to “the threat that each building’s history would be lost and gone forever, partially due to the passing of time, and partially due to ‘gentrification’, which is rapidly altering the environment.”

WWSH’s mission is to “educate, enshrine and preserve the extraordinary legacy of Harlem as an influential incubator that was vital to the intellectual, cultural, social, and political advancements of the Harlem community as well as the African Diaspora.”

Recently, WWSH was approved for a grant to facilitate the installation of 25 historic markers in the community, “commemorating people from Augusta Savage to Malcolm X, as well as honoring the Lenape, the indigenous nation on whose land Harlem exists.”

Learn more about While We Are Still Here.


Image Credits:

– WWSH website