Neera Adarkar | Pushing Boundaries: An Architect’s Journey

October 18, 2021

Neera Adarkar is an architect and an urban researcher based in Mumbai. After graduating in architecture from Sir J. J. College, Mumbai University, she completed her post-graduate studies in Industrial Design at IIT, Mumbai. She has received an honorary doctorate from KU Leuven, Dept of Urbanism. She runs Adarkar Associates, a joint practice engaged in architecture, planning, conservation and urban research. Adarkar has been a visiting faculty in several architectural colleges in Mumbai and a member of the Syllabus Committee for Architecture, Mumbai University and ex-member of Board of Studies for Architecture, Goa University. She is also a member of the Maharashtra Government appointed Committee of Experts for Dharavi Redevelopment. Noting her contributions, the Indian Institute of Technology conferred upon her the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2013. Adarkar’s work emerges from deep concern for social, urban and gender issues. She is one of the founders of the Women Architects Forum and of Majlis, an NGO engaged in cultural and urban issues. She has been active in several urban struggles and specifically in the textile mill workers’ struggle and in the formation of Mumbai Peoples’ Action Committee. She has co-authored with Meena Menon *One Hundred Years One Hundred Voices, Oral History of Millworkers of Girangaon* (2004) and has edited the volume *The Chawls of Mumbai: Galleries of Life* (2011). Adarkar has a wide range of publications and has delivered lectures in Mumbai, Delhi, New York, Chicago, Berkeley, Cornell, Leuven, Columbia, etc.