Spitzer’s JEDI Committee

Michael Miller, chair of the JEDI Committee and Director of Undergraduate Affairs, describes the committee’s direction to achieve Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

The JEDI committee at the Spitzer School of Architecture consists of students, staff, and faculty who are examining “what the diversity we’ve always celebrated actually means at our institution.” From its inception in spring 2021, the committee has striven to look across all aspects of the school for ways in which we can further cultivate a learning environment rooted in mutual respect, inclusivity, and compassion. The JEDI committee has facilitated Spitzer to provide mentorship opportunities for graduating students of color, and help them to partner with faculty in developing critical and creative approaches to decolonizing the curriculum.

This committee is the beginning of a longer process of engagement to explore what it means to foster an anti-racist work environment, curriculum, and studio culture. As the 2022 spring semester kicks off, the JEDI committee is looking to our roots and paving the way towards meaningful change through their racial equity statement, to be presented later in the spring.