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Spitzer Students Win $25K Innovation Prize

B Arch seniors Wei Ying Zhang and Jorge Burgos together with sophomore Sabrina Cohn from the Grove School of Engineering are on the road to launching a start-up thanks to winning the Zahn Entrepreneur Competition in the Standard Chartered Women + Tech4NYC category. Their product, City LABscape, offers hands-on indoor agriculture-based STEM education. The competition

Infrastructural Ecologies

Many emerging nations, particularly those least developed, lack basic critical infrastructural services—affordable energy, clean drinking water, dependable sanitation, and effective public transportation, along with reliable food systems. Many of these countries cannot afford the complex and resource-intensive systems based on Western, single-sector, industrialized models. In this book, Hillary Brown and Byron Stigge propose an alternate

Urban Omnibus Features Advanced Studio Project

Assistant Professor Nandini Bagchee’s essay “Studio Report: Design and Advocacy in the South Bronx” has been published by the Architectural League’s online magazine, Urban Omnibus. The article discusses the work on the H.E.Arts Community Center (Lincoln Recovery Center building, 349 West 140th Street) from Professor Bagchee’s Advanced Design Studio in Fall 2016. Professor Bagchee along

Ruth Nervig MLA ’17 Named Olmsted Scholar Finalist

Ruth Nervig MLA I ’17 has been named by the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) as a finalist for the 2017 Olmsted Scholars Program, the premier national award and recognition program for landscape architecture students. She is the second finalist from City College in just three years, following Andrea Johnson in 2015. Nervig’s site is in

CCNY Team Scoops EPA RainWorks Challenge

An interdisciplinary team of City College of New York students including MLA first-year Uziel Crescenzi is the winner of The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s fifth annual Campus RainWorks Challenge. Tasked with designing an innovative green infrastructure project that effectively manages stormwater runoff while benefiting the campus community and environment, the City College team devised