J. Max Bond Center for Urban Futures

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Mapping American Legacy Cities (2015) is a comparative data report analyzing the urban trends of population loss, race and ethnicity, residential density and vaccy, unemployment and income for 48 Legacy Cities in the United States.  Legacy Cities are cities greater than 50,000 in population that have lost over 20% of their population since peak levels.

Public Life Urban Justice (2015) summarizes an 18-month collaboration between Gehl Studio, J. Max Bond Center, and Transportation Alternatives that developed, investigated, measured, and evaluated how seven recently implemented New York City Plazas contribute to quality public life and greater social justice.

“Epilogue: Detroit Future City,” Toni L. Griffin and June Manning Thomas; Mapping Detroit, Editor June Manning Thomas
Release Date in 2014

“Detroit Future City,” Toni L. Griffin, Harvard Design Magazine;
Release date 2014.

“The J. Max Bond Center on Design for the Just City: The Teaching and Practice of Cultural Competency in the Design of American Cities;” Toni L. Griffin, Space Unveiled: Invisible Cultures in the Design Studio; Editor Carla Jackson Bell, Ph.D
Release Date in 2014

“A Tale of Two Cities: Washington, DC and the Anacostia Waterfront; Toni L. Griffin In Search of the Public: Notes on the Contemporary American City by Mario Gandelsonas, Rafi Segal, ElsVerbakel, and Diana Agrest;
May 27, 2013

“What Spontaneous Interventions Can Teach Us About Taking the City Back,” Toni L. Griffin; Architect Magazine, Venice Biennale Issue, August 2012 – READ HERE