Structures of Coastal Resilience

Structures of Coastal Resilience is a four-university research effort, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation with support from the US Army Corps of Engineers, examining four vulnerable urban sites along the North Atlantic coast that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Associate Professor Catherine Seavitt Nordenson, the Principal Investigator for the CCNY team, is proposing a strategic set of recommendations supporting coastal resiliency at Jamaica Bay, inclusive of the Rockaway Peninsula, the central marsh islands, and the tributary inlets at the back bay perimeter. This resiliency plan seeks to address social, environmental, and infrastructural vulnerability, with a focus on novel strategies of salt marsh island restoration within the bay. A resilient marsh ecosystem provides coastal storm risk reduction to adjacent communities through wind fetch reduction and wave attenuation. The City College team is comprised of recent graduates Kjirsten Alexander (MLA ’12) and Danae Alessi (MLA ’13), as well as current MLA graduate student Eli Sands.

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