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Nov 5, 2015

Designing Differently - JMBC Talks: Fall 2015 Series

Talks are held 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the southeast bay of the Spitzer School second floor, with light refreshments provided. Obiekwe Okolo, Former AIAS National Vice-President Panelists: Quilian Riano (2015 JMBC Senior Design Fellow), Michele Flournoy (SSA M.Arch. ’14) Student Moderators: Shereese Trumpet (B. Arch.), Christina Bien-Aimé (B. Arch.), Amanda Sarantos (B. Arch.), Baruch Tauber (M.L.A.)


Cover: Waterproofing New York

Waterproofing New York

Denise Hoffman Brandt and Catherine Seavitt Nordenson, editors

Waterproofing New York gathers some of the most influential and thought provoking municipal leaders, engineers, planners, social scientists, and designers to explore the impact of past and future storms on New York City’s infrastructural systems: Water/Waste, Power/Data, Circulation/Fuel, Parks/Recreation, and Shelter. The essays use the operating systems of the city to open speculation on the