Katherine Serrano B Arch ’16 Named BKSK Research Fellow

Katherine Serrano B Arch ’16 has been named the inaugural BKSK Research Fellow at City College of New York for summer 2016. In this role, she will examine the fundamentals of how the built environment impacts the human condition.   The BKSK Research Fellow focuses on a particular topic of inquiry, without the restrictions of project-based responsibilities, but benefittng from the opportunity to interact with and impact the course of the firm’s ongoing design work. The fellow will follow field-appropriate research methods and creatively document the process. 

BKSK Architects is an architectural design firm focused on the creation of socially, contextually, and ecologically engaged architecture. Their work is rooted in the urban environs of New York City and guided by a conviction that what we build, how we build it, and how it comes to be used matters.