M Arch Studio Sponsored by Cetra Ruddy

The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York is pleased to announce a partnership with CetraRuddy, an award-winning architecture, planning and design firm, for the development of a newly sponsored architectural studio for students in the Master of Architecture I Program.

The new initiative, titled “CetraRuddy Design Studio in Housing: Exploring New and Established Modes of Living and the Meanings of Home,” will focus on designs for sustainable, multifamily housing. Graduate students will research the history and contemporary field of housing design, which will help them propose creative solutions that respond to diverse modes of living and emerging interpretations of homes.

M Arch students will create and publish new housing research and will present the results publicly in an exhibition and an academic symposium. Students and faculty will also present their findings in publications, a blog and housing workshops. In addition, there will be internship placements for select students.

Conceived by co-founders John Cetra, Spitzer School of Architecture alumnus, and Nancy J. Ruddy in 2016, the “CetraRuddy Design Studio in Housing” extends for five semesters beginning with the spring 2017 session. The faculty leaders for the project are Bradley Horn, an associate professor and director of the Master of Architecture Program, and associate professors June Williamson and Fabian Llonch.