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9 Spitzer Students Receive Castagna Scholarship Covering Tuition and Study Abroad

Nine architecture students are benefiting from the new Castagna Architectural Scholarship, which provides a full year’s tuition plus funding for study abroad and books. Several recipients, in both the B Arch and M Arch I programs, studied in Berlin or Barcelona this past summer, and two students are on semester-long exchanges in Spain this fall.

“The Castagna Scholarship allows immersion into other cultures–broadening one’s outlook, acceptance, and integration of new cultural ideas,” said Solomon Oh, a fifth-year B Arch student who studied in Barcelona during Summer 2017. “Studying in Barcelona revealed the city’s positive permeability between public and private realms; the experience will indefinitely inform my practice of design.”

Interim Dean Gordon Gebert noted the effect of the program for both the students and the school. “Nine talented and deserving students from diverse backgrounds have received important avenues for growth–a truly transformative opportunity they would not have had without the vision and the generous support of the Castagna Architectural Scholarship Program.”

The scholarships are made possible through the foundation’s generosity and continued commitment to public education. Students are selected based on factors including achieved academic excellence and financial need.

Along with Oh, recipients are Daniel Blanc and Mark Weinberger from the B Arch program and, from the M Arch program, Glenn Bell, Grace Lawal, Kiamesha Robinson, Matthew Shufelt, Rachel Ware, and Håkan Westergren.