Awards & Honors

B Arch Students Awarded Honorable Mention

Fifth-year B Arch students Ysabelle Gamoso, Parshwa Desai, and Gerome Ventura were awarded honorable mention in a competition hosted by Archstorming for a stadium in Queens, NY, for the 2026 World Cup. The competition called for a flexible design that will allow the stadium to be transformed into a residential block after the event.

The students’ competition entry, titled Staydium, incorporates two volumes of residential units. One encircles the stadium and the other is situated inside, above the seating. The housing units are arranged like stadium seating: they are staggered vertically to create shade over the soccer field. Moreover, the units have balconies that offer views of the game. The units are meant to be rented during the World Cup to generate revenue. After the event, the units will be used as permanent dwellings and the food courts, ticket booths, and seating will be transformed into permanent commercial spaces.