Awards & Honors

Urban Design Director Receives AIA Collaborative Achievement Award

Distinguished Professor and Director of the Graduate Urban Design Program Michael Sorkin has been selected for the AIA Collaborative Achievement Award alongside Jan Gehl of Gehl and Anne Taylor of School Zone Institute. This award recognizes the “excellence that results when architects work with those from outside the profession to improve the spaces where people live and work.”

In addition to being an educator, Sorkin is the founding principal of Michael Sorkin Studio; former architecture critic of the Village Voice and the Nation; the author and editor of 20 books including What Goes Up: The Right and Wrongs to the City (Verso, 2018); President of Terreform, a center for advanced urban research and “friend of the court” interventions in vexed urban situations; and publisher of UR (urban research) books. Over many years of countless projects, Sorkin has inspired his peers and collaborators to pursue more just and sustainable communities.