“Shady Democracy” by Dean Lokko in Architectural Review

Dean Lokko’s article, “Shady Democracy,” is now out in Architectural Review (April 2020). As the dark of the night is progressively hedged out by 24/7 cities and light technology, political futures for many around the world nevertheless seem increasingly overcast, the dark cloud of the climate crisis looming menacingly over all. In this issue, writers and architects look to what happens in the dark, from sleep to dancing to all varieties of shady behavior. For a discipline so focused on the visual, absolute darkness can be a difficult subject — but for many, the color black remains a gainly aesthetic and symbolic tool. Life in the shadows can be subversive, if marginal, and in a culture of ever-increasing surveillance, these unseen pockets might become the last bastion of resistance.

Read Dean Lokko’s full article here.