Awards & Honors

Spitzer Students Receive AIANY Scholarships

Spitzer students Jeffrey Gyemibi and Florence Methot have been awarded the AIANY Center for Architecture’s Eleanor Allwork Scholarship Merit Award and Design Scholarship, respectively. The Women’s Architectural Auxiliary Eleanor Allwork Scholarship was established in the early 1980s by architect and former AIA member Ronald Allwork. Both scholarships recognize students seeking their first degree in architecture from a NAAB-accredited school within the State of New York.


“The Allwork Scholarship is representative of the immense support the SSA community has offered throughout my educational journey. In these uncertain moments, the Scholarship is a beacon of hope enabling me to pursue my ambitions of becoming a registered Architect.”
— Jeffrey Gyemibi, B Arch ’21


“I am truly honored to accept this year’s CFA Design Scholarship. After this difficult semester, this recognition is received with renewed hopes and gratitude. Two years ago, I was driven by the dream of enrolling in architecture school in another country. Today, as a member of the Spitzer community, I feel very fortunate to be supported by people I now consider family. This accomplishment is also theirs and I am very thankful.”
— Florence Methot, M Arch ’21