Selected Grad Programs Reopen Fall Admissions

In recognition of the changes wrought by COVID-19, and in order to fulfill its public mission, the Spitzer School is reopening Fall 2020 admissions for a limited number of spaces in its Master of Landscape Architecture I, Master of Architecture I, and MS Architecture graduate programs. The MLA I and M Arch I programs are open to students from all undergraduate backgrounds, whereas the MS program requires an accredited professional degree in architecture or the international equivalent. All programs start in late August 2020 and will be synchronous, though whether in person or remote remains to be determined.


Who should apply?

Applications are welcome from students who are interested in and qualified for the above programs provided they can submit completed applications (including portfolios, recommendations, and all other materials) by the July 1 deadline and that, if accepted, they will be able to respond to an admission offer in July. Additionally, M Arch I applicants must have already completed or be in the process of completing the physics and precalculus prerequisites.

Please note that as per the university’s new policy, students who present P (pass) or CR (credit) grades in their transcripts for courses taken during Spring 2020 will not be disadvantaged. This policy is intended to allow students to feel less pressure and anxiety about their grades as they contemplate their future graduate school options against the backdrop of the disruptions to daily life resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

[Application Instructions]


Who should not apply?

The admissions committee will not review applications that are not complete as of the July 1 deadline, that are from candidates who have already applied to the same program unsuccessfully, or that are from candidates who will require immigration authorization (since there won’t be enough time to process this). Additionally, M Arch I applications from candidates who have not already completed the physics and precalculus prerequisites, or who are not in the process of doing so, will not be reviewed.


Want more information?

Prospective students are encouraged to join the following events:

Contact Hannah Borgeson with any questions.