Awards & Honors

Student Wins Global Architecture Masterprize’s Honorable Mention

Rei Celo has been awarded a global Architecture Masterprize honorable mention for her Spitzer School studio project in Spring 2019, “Textile Art Museum”; the studio instructor was Visiting Professor Jean-Pierre Pranlas-Descours. Celo’s work was recognized in the Architectural Design – Cultural Architecture category. She graduated with her MS in Architecture in spring 2020.

Celo explains: “In her work, Textile Artist Caroline Bartlett explores the historical, social and cultural associations of textiles and their ability to trigger a memory. I became increasingly interested in what her art pieces say through their materiality, tactility and associations with the body. Hence, my intention was to emphasize these qualities by designing this glass box floating on the water and by creating a double skin facade system that diffuses the sunlight and the reflection of light by the water in the textured concrete walls of such intimate exhibition spaces.” View the project here.