Students Launch Spitzer Commons Web Resource

The new Spitzer Commons website, created by and for Spitzer School students, launched last week with in-person celebrations and a club fair in the Spitzer School Gallery. Student clubs AIAS, NOMAS, GARC, ASLAS, FAME, CCNY Green, and SSAA all participated in the festivities.

Spitzer Commons was conceived during the fully remote period of the pandemic to build community and help future classes get situated in their architecture studies. The site contains tutorials and myriad other resources to aid students throughout the course of their time at Spitzer.

According to Commons team member Kedishia Joseph B Arch ’23, the site is intended “to create a space where we can pay homage to the essence of our school and to once more strengthen the love and bond we share within the Spitzer community.”

The designers of the Spitzer Commons are grateful to the Bernard and Anne Spitzer Endowment Fund for its support of this project.

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