Building with Hempcrete Panel

Wally Farms (Spark of Hudson’s sister organization) has been building two hempcrete cabins in collaboration with designer Kaja Kühl and architect Roger Cardinal. Join us on December 16th at 6pm for a virtual video tour, followed by a live panel discussion.

Kaja Kühl, Spitzer’s Caitlin Charlet, Jennifer Martin and Bianca Bryant will talk about the history, installation, and properties of Hempcrete, explore the construction site and share why we should all build using natural materials.

Live Stream link on YouTube:

Instagram:  @sparkofhudson virtual tour with Jennifer Martin from @hempstonellc @caitlinmasley and @bianquitachiquita

As part of the faculty at the Spitzer School of Architecture, Caitlin Charlet has been focusing on building with healthy materials in her private consultancy MATERIALBUREAU as well as the public realm in the urban design graduate class. Healthy materials in the public realm work towards the creation of equity through health and care, as well as support communities and their needs to thrive and grow.​