Spitzer Alumna on the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

Mireille Moga, M.Arch 2008, has written a post for Platform about the Ukrainian refugee crisis. written as a letter called “Letter from Berlin: The War in Ukraine Pushes the City’s Limits” and is illustrated with her photos.


Read the Platform article here.



Mireille Moga (b.1977 Oradea, Romania) is a photographer for whom looking through the lens is both an end and a means of seeing the world and the funny, dualistic and often destructive ways in which we occupy it. Her background in architecture informs her perspective and her focus on how we organize ourselves, be it in cities or the countryside, taking into consideration the social, environmental and interpersonal consequences of our choices.

Raised in New York City Mireille was gifted a camera at the age of 13 and despite a nonlinear academic and professional trajectory, photography always managed to prevail. She studied Studio Art and Marketing at Binghamton University (1995-1999) and during that time worked as a photographer for various news outlets in NY State and in the editorial department at the Associated Press in NYC. Her interest in studying society took her away from photojournalism and into the field of market research where she managed studies in the automotive, transportation and communications industries as well as public opinion polling.

Moved by a desire to create again, she went on to earn her Masters in Architecture from the City College of New York in 2008 and her license to practice architecture in NY in 2013. She worked for various architectural firms in NYC and Berlin before coming back around to her first passion, photography.

Since 2014 Mireille is a Berlin-based architectural photographer who also uses her camera to pursue personal projects that strive to see things as they are – beautiful, imperfect, and of this world.

She is currently sheltering a family in her residence in Berlin, Germany.