Women’s History Month Shout-out from ArchIT

As this year’s Women’s History Month draws to an end, we would like to take a moment to feature the ladies in Spitzer’s IT department. Ingrid Ramos and Eshrat K. are valued members of ArchIT and we tip our hats as they continue the pioneering journey of women in IT.


Ingrid Ramos

Ingrid Ramos is a creative copywriter with a bachelor degree in Advertising + Communications. She is a current grad student in the Branding and Integrated Communications Master program at City College and a college assistant in the IT Department at Spitzer School of Architecture. Ingrid directly helps students, who need IT support and lends her expertise for the branding part of ArchIT. She is passionate about DIY art, and in her free time collects records, attends concerts, and enjoys a good book.


Eshrat K.

Eshrat K. is an aspiring architect, but is currently hard at work as part of the IT Department at Spitzer. She describes her position as being responsible for ensuring that students and staff get the best IT support possible. Her other responsibilities include helping to organizing space, and doing anything she can to increase awareness of the ArchIT brand. Outside her student and IT duties, Eshrat is openly passionate about traveling, living as many unique experiences as possible, and advancing in her personal photography.