Summer Course Open to All CUNY Students: Intro to Architecture

Do you have any non architecture friends who would like to learn about the field?

Intro to Building Architecture  is a new summer course, designed for non-majors, open to current CCNY and CUNY students (via e-permit) that introduces concepts, principles and methods for exploring the world of architecture to undergraduate students at CCNY and beyond. Discover emblematic buildings and public spaces, and what architects do, by taking on different roles as a user, a critic, a designer, a scientist, a historian, and a craftsman.

How you’ll learn:
-Field Trips in New York City
-Lectures and Class Discussions
-Hands-on Written and Graphic Exercises
-Insights from invited Professionals
-Lectures and Class Discussions
-Film Viewings
-Individual Instruction and Design Review


Things To Know:

  • The Intro to Building Architecture summer program will run for 8 Weeks (Extended Summer Session from June 6th – August 2nd)
  • Location: Spitzer School of Architecture
  • Open to undergraduate students who are non-architecture majors
  • Approved as a Creative Expression Pathways course
  • Instructor: Professor Suzanne Strum

This is a 3-credit elective course, offered directly by the Architecture Department and fulfills a general education (“Pathways”) requirement for any CUNY undergraduate student. It is designed for non-majors, open to current CCNY and other CUNY students in other departments and majors (via e-permit).

Learn more about Summer at City
Summer 2022 Course Catalog (Introduction to Architecture is the first course listed – class#6814)


Any questions specific to the course, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Michael Miller.

For registration/e-permit related questions and similar, please visit the Summer at City page.