Spitzer First-Year MLA Student Wins LAF Scholarship

Congratulations to first-year Master of Landscape Architecture student, William Thomson, for winning the Daniel Zwier/Permaloc Innovation Scholarship.


This scholarship was created to celebrate and acknowledge those landscape architecture students who do not see themselves following a traditional practice path as landscape designers. The scholarship will help students who would like to take the skills and knowledge obtained through a degree in landscape architecture and apply them to careers in areas such as product development, entrepreneurship, politics, nonprofit service, and any other possibility an applicant can imagine.

Daniel Zwier, CEO and Founder of Permaloc Corporation, is one such landscape architect. In 1983, he recognized a need in the industry for enhanced methods for maintaining the lines he incorporated into his designs. Using the skills and knowledge obtained during his training, he designed and patented his first landscape edging product, and started a manufacturing company that has helped to move the practice of landscape architecture progressively forward.


William also published “From Silk to Concrete: Exploring the Socio-spatial Aspects of the Agrarian Question(s) in Mount Lebanon”, in The Journal of Peasant Studies, a leading journal in the field of rural politics and development, earlier this year.