10k Scholarship for B.Arch & M.Arch Students

Dear Continuing B.Arch and M.Arch Students,

We are pleased to have available a new scholarship courtesy of the Beyer Blinder Belle Foundation, which advances diversity and the role of architecture, planning, and preservation in strengthening the physical and social fabric of our cities, communities, and institutions. This mission is inspired by the core values of the firm Beyer Blinder Belle, which from its founding defined an approach to design focused on architecture empowering people-through their interaction on streets and in neighborhoods, and through their connections to the surrounding built environment.

The scholarship is for $10,000 (!), to be disbursed as $5,000 in the fall and $5,000 in the spring. The deadline to apply is Thursday, June 30. Students from diverse identities and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Applicants must have a significant financial need of assistance and must be continuing students in the B Arch or M Arch program in the 2022-23 academic year.


Click here for further details and the application.

Note that in addition to a resume and portfolio, a statement is required. This should cover your background, financial need, and design philosophy for integrating new buildings within existing neighborhoods and/or view of adaptive reuse within existing buildings, which may or may not be listed as National or City Landmarks.

Good luck!