Transient Spaces Presentation at CHANGING CITIES V Conference in Corfu, Greece

On June 21, Suzan Wines and Loukia Tsafoulia participated in the “CHANGING CITIES V: Spatial, Design, Landscape, Heritage and Socio-Economic Dimensions” program in Corfu, Greece, with a presentation from their book entitled Transient Spaces.

Transient Spaces (eds. Loukia Tsafoulia, Suzan Wines, and Samantha Ong) examines transience as a force of opportunity and resilience in the design of cities.

The project began from two Advanced Studios taught by Loukia Tsafoulia and Suzan Wines at the Spitzer School in 2017, and it has evolved into a curated collection of essays and projects about the impact that mass migration is having on cities around the world. Co-editor Samantha Ong B Arch ’18 was a student in one of the studios.