Shiva Abbaszadeh ’24 and Mateo Penafiel ’24 Craft a Vision for Renewable Ravenswood with Rise Light & Power

At the Spitzer School of Architecture, we believe in the power of design to shape a more sustainable and equitable future. That’s why we are thrilled to share that Shiva Abbaszadeh B Arch  ’24 and Mateo Penafiel B Arch  ’24 are making a significant impact on New York City’s energy landscape through their work with Rise Light & Power.

Rise Light & Power, a Queens-based renewable energy developer, is leading the charge in transforming the Ravenswood Generating Station, New York City’s largest power plant, into a beacon of clean energy. As part of their Renewable Ravenswood vision, Rise is proposing a new structure that will support two large-scale offshore wind farms, effectively replacing outdated fossil fuel generators from the 1960s.

To help stakeholders visualize this ambitious project, Rise enlisted the expertise of our students. Under the guidance of Associate Professor Fabian Llonch, Shiva and Mateo embarked on the task of creating a detailed 3D model of the site and the proposed building footprint.

The model, constructed at a scale of 1:800, showcases the future of renewable energy in vivid detail. It includes not only the proposed building but also nearby features such as the Queensbridge Houses and the Roosevelt Island Bridge, providing community members with a comprehensive understanding of the project’s impact on the surrounding area.

What makes this collaboration truly special is the deep engagement with future green economy professionals like Shiva and Mateo. By involving them in every step of the process, Rise is not only providing invaluable hands-on experience to our students but also fostering the next generation of leaders in sustainable design and renewable energy.

Wil Fisher, External Affairs Director at Rise Light & Power, emphasized the importance of investing in green energy workforce development, stating, “Just as CUNY and City College deliver high-quality education and economic mobility, we are proud to make investments in green energy workforce development that will uplift our neighbors and equip them to participate in our efforts to build a Renewable Ravenswood.”

Congratulations to Shiva and Mateo for their contributions to such a transformative project.