Spring 2017 Advanced Studios Announced

Following are the Advanced Studios that are being offered in spring 2017:

Ruth Berktold
TXL Innovation Hub
Tegel Airport, Berlin, Germany

Philip Lee
Air Conditions: Thermodynamics and Architecture
Storage Landmark Building, St. Louis, Missouri

Martin Stigsgaard
U Thant Island: An Architectural Investigation and Proposal for a Future Federal Prison for 500 Inmates
East River, New York

Loukia Tsafoulia
Transient Spaces:​ Building Shelter in Crisis Contexts
Refugee Camps, Athens, Greece

Fran Leadon
Broadway: A Kind of Animated Mirror
New York, New York

Hillary Brown with Caitlin Swaim
Infrastructure ExChange: an “Ecologically-Reflexive” Approach to Urban Systems
Spring Creek, Jamaica Bay, New York

James Khamsi
Amphibious Architecture: Building within the Currents, Currency and Culture of Water
Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York

Jeremy Edmiston
The Public — Who Cares
Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York

Additionally, a thesis studio will be conducted by Lance Jay Brown.

In Advanced Studios, students from M Arch II, third-year M Arch, and fourth- and fifth- year B Arch explore design together and address research areas determined by the faculty. Emphasis is placed on design research and empowering students to identify and define design problems, establish evaluative criteria, analyze solutions, and predict the effectiveness of implementation. For all but the thesis studio, students select studios through a lottery on the first day of class.