City College Hosts Mundaneum XIII: Pan Americas

On April 4-5, the Spitzer School of Architecture and the Costa Rican Foundation for Design, Art and Architecture hosted Mundaneum XIII 2019: Pan Americas, an intensive series of talks and conversations exploring points of both intersection and conflict in design and planning in the erstwhile “New World.” Over a day and a half, a group of Pan American architects, designers and activists presented their work not to seek “common ground” but to reveal the complex interactions and inflections of the manifold architectures and environments of the Americas and to spark lively and ongoing conversation, cooperation and debate about their intertwined histories and futures.


Opening Evening:

On Modernism and the Future:

  • Pedro Rivera
  • Hans Ibelings
  • Alvaro Rojas
  • Moderator: Beth Broome

On Pan Americas:

  • Mauricio Quiros
  • Monica Bertolino
  • Stephen Forneris
  • Moderator: Michael Sorkin

On Building Future Urban Systems out of Current Conflict:

  • Orlando Garcia
  • Dana Viquez
  • Inés Guzmán
  • James Wines
  • Moderator: Clifford Pearson

On Navigating the Geopolitics of Design: