Prof. Williamson Weighs in on Retrofitting Suburbs

Professor June Williamson, who will see the next book in her co-authored “Retrofitting Suburbia” series published in December, has weighed in on this topic in leading media outlets this fall, as detailed below. Read more about Williamson and her work at Spitzer in a new interview conducted by Erica Wszolek, executive associate to the dean and communications manager.

  • In a Q&A in the New York Times on October 16, Williamson and co-author Ellen Dunham-Jones, were interviewed about the research and case studies in their forthcoming book. Their work was also highlighted in a Times article on October 24 about repurposing shopping malls for senior living.
  • In the weekly “5 Myths About” feature in the Washington Post on October 2, she tackled long-held misconceptions about the suburbs.
  • The Montreal-based think-tank NewCities invited Williamson to contribute to their new “Big Picture” report on Millennial Migration. In “How Millennials are Retrofitting North American Suburbs,” published in August, she shares insights and examples from her forthcoming new book.