Awards & Honors

B Arch Student Receives Brooklyn Architects Scholarship Foundation Award

B Arch student Tania Jaquez has been honored with the 2020 Award from the Brooklyn Architects Scholarship Foundation. She will be featured in the AIA Brooklyn publication Pylon for her work from the Spring 2020 Advanced Studio with Professor Fran Leadon.

“After a difficult semester where a health and social crisis started, I feel very fortunate and thankful to receive this recognition and the support of a great professor and classmates, “Jacquez said.

The outcome of the project was to design an interpretative center in or adjacent to City Hall Park in downtown Manhattan, New York. Jacquez researched the social and civic aspect of the site in relationship with City Hall, focusing on many of the civic movements, protests, and ceremonies that took place in the site during specific times of history.

The vessel she designed is composed of three stories containing in its center a camera obscura used to distort how power structures are seen and what is real and what is not real, by showing the present moment to allude to important events of the past. In this case it is pointing toward the front of City Hall with the intention to point out to the funeral procession of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. The vessel is also made of a series of windows with sliding panels. The windows are intentionally placed at specific locations to show where certain events occurred; sliding panels will display images from those events. When the windows are open the visitors will see the present moment. When they are closed, visitors will see historical photos of when the space was used to agitate for change.

The Brooklyn Architects Scholarship Foundation was created to award scholarships to deserving architectural student attending any of the architectural colleges in New York City.