Students Present Pier 76 Ideas and Projects to the Community

SSA students presented their work completed during the Fall 2020 Advanced Studio “Public[Private]House: Architectures of Care and Infrastructures of Wellbeing” taught by Viren Brahmbhatt @studio.pedagogique to the Manhattan Community Board 4’s Waterfront, Parks & Environment Committee on April 8 (via Zoom). Congrats to the amazing team!

Studio brief: The studio premise is a provocation for collective reflections on shifting domesticities through the twin-lenses of pandemic and protests. The studio aims to examine how the intertwined nature of the two may engender architectures of care and infrastructures of wellbeing as we imagine the future of how we live, work, connect, communicate, participate and protest. Building on our spring Advanced Studio, we will examine failure as a catalyst, and explore architecture and sociality while contemplating ethics, aesthetics, and politics of space, race and culture. The questions we will contemplate are: how do we read, reflect and respond collectively in shaping both the physical as well as discursive space where such narratives manifest? How do we (a) examine geographies of difference in the context of the pandemic and protests; and (b) balance the need for privacy and publicity (personal space and collective form) in the context of potentially sustained possibility for social distancing, and other consequences of both? Rather than focusing on speculative futures, the studio asks: how might we see, imagine and draw architecture differently, and inhabit space differently.