Awards & Honors

PLOT Journal Volume 9 Honored

PLOT Volume 9: Top Down Bottom Up (Spring 2020) has received the 2021 Douglas Haskell Award’s Honorable Mention for Student Architecture Journals from the Center for Architecture. The award letter noted, “The jury was particularly impressed with the fresh and relevant content included in the publication.”

PLOT is the annual landscape journal edited by the graduate landscape architecture students of the Spitzer School of Architecture. The ninth volume examines “Top Down Bottom Up” — terms used in a variety of fields to describe strategies of knowledge ordering and information processing. The issue was produced with a dos-à-dos binding, a style of binding with two front covers bound together. It is also called a tête-bêche or head-to-toe binding. Flip the book 180 degrees for Top Down / Bottom Up. Contributions have been sorted along that axis, and fonts selected appropriately.

Student Editors: Kayla Conroy, Brandon Loo, Catherine Priolet, and Jeffrey Schneider
Faculty Coordinator: Catherine Seavitt Nordenson
Designer: Isaac Gertman of the Independent Group
Cover photograph: Virginia Hanusik

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