Fall 2022 Lecture Series

Our 2022 Fall Sciame Lecture Series is titled Border Crossings: Architecture and Migration in the Americas and brings together architects, preservationists, planners, artists, and historians of color at a precipitous moment in time.

Border Crossings: Architecture and Migration in the Americas presents meditations on the topic of migration from nontraditional, creative, and interdisciplinary perspectives. The distinguished speakers — architects, landscape architects, architecture historians, social historians, a philosopher, an anthropologist, and an attorney — question conventions, especially the conceptualization of migration as linear. They frame migration as a multivalent process, considering the lived realities and material conditions of migration, historically and in the present. Migration in the Americas is more than just the movement and resettlement of bodies, numbers that cross lines and appear/disappear in different places. Migration is not merely (dis)placement, it is also a metamorphosis. Migrants are human beings who are transformed to the core by their movement, and they transform not only their places of departure and arrival, but the entire space that is filled with their journeys.

All lectures are in-person, free, and held at 6pm NYC time at the Spitzer School of Architecture (Sciame Auditorium).
Please check current campus access protocols here.

Zoom links will be made available on the individual event pages linked below as well as on our social media channels.

Whether you’re joining in person or via Zoom, we look forward to seeing you!



The Settler Colonial Exhibitionary Complex: Argentina, 1888
Ana María León



Finding and Operationalizing Common Ground in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region
Gabriel Díaz Montemayor



Nuestra América: Why Does Family History Matter Today?
Claudio Lomnitz



The Natural and Built Environments of the U.S.-Mexico Border
C.J. Alvarez



Architectural History is Migrant History: Construction Labor and Cantera Stone in Mexico and the US
Sarah Lynn Lopez



Moving Beauty: Rethinking Architecture’s Forgotten Mandate
William Brinkman-Clark



The Legal Geographies of the Agricultural Borderlands: Migrant Labor, Food, and Waterways
Miguel Rábago



Academia and Praxis
Loreta Castro and Gabriela Carrillo



On Migration: The Imperceptible Veil of Architecture
Arturo Ortiz Struck


This Sciame lecture series is made possible by the Spitzer Architecture Fund and the generous support of Frank Sciame ’74,
CEO of Sciame Construction.



Special Lecture – Society for American City & Regional Planning History 2022 Harlem Conference Keynote
Paul Farber, “After Permanence”
Co-sponsored by SACRPH