Awards & Honors

Spatializing Reproductive Justice receives 2023 Graham Foundation Grant

Spatializing Reproductive Justice, a traveling exhibition exploring the spatial, legal, and social logistics of reproductive healthcare access in the US after Roe v. Wade, is the recipient of a 2023 Graham Foundation Grant. Building on the work of design studios taught at CCNY SSA, Columbia GSAPP, and Syracuse University in Fall 2022, the exhibition will present research and analysis of reproductive healthcare networks and their histories as well as architectural strategies for countering threats to bodily autonomy. Expanding the discourse across institutions, the exhibition will travel to safe and restrictive states, fostering dialogue between designers, students, experts, and advocates, and gathering more research and design work as it travels.

The Fall 2022 advanced design studio at SSA entitled “National Care: Abortion Access, Reproductive Justice on Federal Lands” was taught by adjunct associate professor Lindsay Harkema and investigated the possibility of reproductive healthcare access on federally owned lands that are not subject to local state laws. Looking beyond the design of clinics, students’ architectural proposals explored themes of care, site, affect, malleability, and programmatic hybridization. The studio’s work and the forthcoming exhibition aim to make visible social justice issues that are often private, unseen, and under-acknowledged within the architectural discipline.

The exhibition co-curators are Lori Brown (Syracuse University), Bryony Roberts (Columbia GSAPP), Lindsay Harkema (SSA), and Sadie Imae and Natalya Dikhanov of FLUFFFF Studio. The organization sponsor is ArchiteXX. The students of the SSA Fall 2022 National Care advanced design studio are Valeska Abarca, Abbas Ali, Arifa Ali, Nathaly Castillo, Samantha Ehrman, Gabriela Gonjon, Mauricio Guidos, Guadalupe Hernandez-Sosa, Kedishia Joseph, Anamaria Jovel, Joseph Lo, Labiba Nazrul, Katherine Quito, and Leora Santoriello.