Fall 2019 Advanced Studios Announced

Following are the Advanced Studios that are being offered in Fall 2019:

Advanced Studios:

Ahu Aydogan
Weaving the Double Skin: Double W’s
Ankara, Turkey

Maria Fullaondo
The Garden of Earthly Delights: A Social Condenser of Contemporary Pleasures
New York, NY

Ali C. Hocek
New York, NY

Jean-Pierre Pranlas-Descours
The Depth of the Landscape: Architecture for a New Museum in New York 
Queens, NY

Elisabetta Terragni
Viewing, Reading, and Decoding


Fourth Year B Arch Advanced Studios: Prototyping Homes for Homeless New Yorker

Jeremy Edmiston
Lior Galili
Henry Grosman
Fabian Llonch


In Advanced Studios, students from MS Arch, third-year M Arch I, and fourth- and fifth- year B Arch explore design together and address research areas determined by the faculty. Emphasis is placed on design research and empowering students to identify and define design problems, establish evaluative criteria, analyze solutions, and predict the effectiveness of implementation. For all but the thesis studio, students select studios through a lottery on the first day of class.