Experimental 3D Scanning Event Enlivens Spitzer

As part of a series of events exploring the speculative use of technology in design, M Arch I first-year students participated in a 3D scanning workshop with MYND Workshop this past October.

After forming six teams, the students designed and installed three-dimensional creations to enliven areas inside and outside the school. Human interactions with the installations were then scanned by MYND staff to examine the response of both the scanning software and the active installation to one another. The event was experimental for both MYND and the studios, as it was a first-time experience for both, making for a fun and playful fall afternoon.

The scanning generated point clouds, which are a set of data points within a coordinate system. Students then extracted images from these files based on their own interpretations of the assignment. Photos of the installations as well as point cloud interpretations are displayed in the gallery above.

This event was a collaboration among Assistant Professor Frank Melendez; the M Arch I first-year studios, taught by Loukia Tsafoulia and Marina Correia; Adjunct Assistant Professor Farzam Yazdanseta; M Arch Program Director Brad Horn; and MYND Workshop, a 3D laser scanning company. The student teams were:

  • Concrete Break, on the south side of  the roof
  • Ctrl-Z, in the central atrium stairway
  • F.O.A.M., on the front lawn
  • Serendipity, on the rooftop ampitheter
  • String Me Along, in the central stairway
  • Xtension(s), an addition to the main stairway to the Spitzer School