Announcing the Spring 2023 Lecture Series

Our 2023 Spring Sciame Lecture Series is titled Across the Pacific Rim: Architecture and Landscape in Translation and brings together designers, scholars, practitioners, and activists who are situated along the Pacific Rim.

Across the Pacific Rim: Architecture and Landscape in Translation begins with what the Pacific Ocean is: a fluid place, a sea where ideas, people, and artifacts move. It questions the framing of this great body of water as a barrier or a void, concepts that are rooted in colonialism and imperialism. Instead, it posits the Pacific as an active stage for exchanging and translating ideas, concepts, materials, and technologies about constructed environments. The designers, scholars, practitioners, and activists featured in this series are situated along the Pacific Rim. They examine areas, products, and product histories along the Pacific Rim. They call on this positionality to offer exceptional, transnational, boundary-breaking, hybrid practices and research that contribute to a shared environment and a collective future.

All lectures are in-person, free, and held at 6 pm NYC time at the Spitzer School of Architecture (Sciame Auditorium).
Please check current campus access protocols here.

Zoom links will be made available on the individual event pages linked below as well as on our social media channels.

Whether you’re joining in person or via Zoom, we look forward to seeing you!

Thursday, 02/09/2023
Constructing a Ming Maritime Infrastructural State
Shiqiao Li

Thursday, 02/16/2023
Translations: wǒmen de stories, cóng practice, pedagogy, dào organizing
Bz Zhang & christin hu  ’16

Tuesday, 02/21/2023
Preserving Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Historic Sites: Dispelling and Disaggregating the Acronym and the Data
Michelle Magalong

Thursday, 03/02/2023
Spitzer Alumni Panel: Different Pathways, Same Landscapes
Fern Lan Siew  ’15 & Jing Fan  ’12

Thursday, 03/09/2023
Wig Spaces: Korean Migration and the African American Street
Min Kyung Lee

Thursday, 03/16/2023
Climate Practice from Arctic Fieldwork
Leena Cho

Monday, 03/20/2023
The Surrounds: The Afterlives of Blackness in a Pacific City
AbdouMaliq Simone

Thursday, 03/30/2023
Voyaging in Place: Community Design in Hawaii
Cathi Ho Schar

Thursday, 04/27/2023

Pressing Change in the Increasing Inflexible City
Emily Badger
The Lewis Mumford Lecture


This Sciame lecture series is made possible by the Spitzer Architecture Fund and the generous support of Frank Sciame ’74,
CEO of Sciame Construction.


Thursday, 03/23/2023
Special Lecture – UN Highlevel Water Conference in New York Keynote

Designing with Water: Past, Present, and Future
Carola Hein