Ten Spitzer School student architecture projects featured in Dezeen School Shows

Ten student projects representing the Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture I, Master of Science in Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture, and Master of Urban Planning in Urban Design programs were recently featured in Dezeen’s latest school show.

A project examining the street furniture in Manhattan’s Chinatown district, a project that explores the relationship between humans and rats in New York City, as well as a scheme that sees the restoration and adaptive reuse of the National Opera House are select projects included in the featured work.

Faculty: Jeremy Edmiston, Kaitlin Faherty, Jerome Haferd, Brad Horn, Neil Katz, Kaja Kühl, Fabian Llonch, Lane Rick, Yadiel Rivera-Díaz, Julio Salcedo, Sanjukta Sen, Martin Stigsgaard, Laura Wainer, and Marcus Wilford.

Congratulations to all students, alumni, and faculty represented!

Harlem Daisy Chain 

Students: George McCracken and Nada Gatalo
Course: Master of Landscape Architecture – first-year foundation studio
Faculty: Sanjukta Sen and Yadiel Rivera-Díaz

In Between Heights: A ‘Yes in my Backyard!’ Project 

Students: Valeska Abarca, Ismael Cajamarca and Annabelle Surya
Course: Bachelor of Architecture Advanced Studio – Incremental NY: alternative social housing models for the city yet to come
Faculty: Laura Wainer

Migration X: Submission 101 

Students: Ismael Cajamarca and Sofiia Alaeva
Course: Bachelor of Architecture Advanced Studio – Migration X
Faculty: Martin Stigsgaard

Houses of Resonance: The Pittsburgh National Negro Opera House 

Students: Harry Tietelman and Alexandra Almaguer
Course: Master of Architecture Advanced Studio – Marronage
Faculty: Jerome Haferd

Densifying Manufacturing, Evolving Urban Systems 

Students: Fernando Gonzales, Michael Kirschman, Suzanne Kerr, Angie Montenegro, Kunal Veerabhadraswamy, Tanner Barr, Samantha Gifford, Susann Mejia Prior, Pauroma Tann and Christian Calle
Course: Graduate Urban Design Program Advanced Studio – Crafting New Public Imaginaries
Faculty: Julio Salcedo, Marcus Wilford and Neil Katz

Sound-to-Form: Crafting New York’s Future Dwellings 

Student: Mayu Uchiyama
Course: Master of Architecture Advanced Studio – Form Work
Faculty: Jeremy Edmiston and Kaitlin Faherty

Bronx Collective Ecology 

Students: Shiva Abbaszadeh, Kingsley Chong and Wyatt Scott Kuebler
Course: Bachelor of Architecture Advanced Studio – Vertical Farming at the Kingsbridge Armory
Faculty: Fabian Llonch

The Nexus 

Students: Katerina Kwong, Tianyu Chen and Kang Pei Sun
Course: Bachelor of Architecture Advanced Studio: Drawdown – Carbon Neutral Live/Work in Brooklyn
Faculty: Kaja Kühl

Object-ing Routines 

Student: Xiao Lin Wang
Course: Bachelor of Architecture Advanced Studio –  Alternate Futures
Faculty: Lane Rick

Commensal Cartography by Mosammet Chowdhury

Student: Mosammet Chowdhury
Course: Bachelor of Architecture Advanced Studio – Independent Projects
Faculty: Brad Horn